Ruling regarding Jarkan boats by the National J24 Association

The aim of this ruling is to encourage owners of older Jarkan boats to bring their boats back to a more competitive life, back onto the water and racing.

We have in the past made various considerations and variations on what can be done to lighten some of our older J24s to make them more competitive and attractive to sail.

These decisions have been many and have mostly become confused in the mists of time and changes of boats and official personnel.


It has been decided by the National Committee to formalise the opportunity to allow owners to improve and lighten their J24s under certain conditions. To be effective as of 18/12/15.

What boats this applies to:

Australian Jarkan built J24s that have not been re-decked

What conditions apply:

Boats must weigh in at or over the dry weight limit of 1270kg

Boats must not have any lead correctors installed

Boats so altered will not be allowed to compete in overseas regattas

What is allowed to be removed:

Forward V-berth, cupboard doors, water tank, vermiculite, shelves, metal sink, water pumps, rear deck hatches (provided the deck is permanently and securely sealed and is seaworthy), middle rails of pulpit and pushpit provided structural and safety integrity is not compromised, middle lifelines, deck mounted halyard winches and associated cleats and fittings.

What is NOT allowed to be removed:

Side berth cover boards, fixed interior furniture other than specified as allowed above, any part of any bulkhead, flooring in the main cabin, any part of the external or internal hull, required safety gear.

What is NOT allowed to be altered:

Anything which in any way compromises the safety of the yacht structurally, fixed interior furniture other than specified as allowed above, any part of the hull internally and externally.

This ruling is to be read in conjunction with and in addition to the existing J24 rules. This ruling modifies only those items specified above and does not change the requirements set down regarding fairing, coring and correct placement of lead in the hull and keel stub.

All changes are to be conducted within the ‘spirit’ of the class rules to enable these boats to become more competitive, changes not listed as permitted here and considered to be outside the ‘spirit’ of the class will not be allowed and will be required to be rectified. Remember that it is your responsibiltiy to advise your State Measurer of any of these changes you may make to your boat and your changes will need to be ok’d and recorded prior to any State level or above regatta.

Enquires regarding these allowed changes should be directed to your state measurer of the National Measurer Peter Stevens.