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Here is a gallery of pictures and articles from the past, sometimes enlightening and always interesting.

I asked Chris Furey to see if he could send some pics for the site – His response has been immediate and overwelming, so instead of trying to put all the pics and captions on this page, please follow the link below to see the amazing collection Chris has put online for us in his FB page. I have left some of the pics here below Nick’s pics, but there are many more on the FB page.

Chris’ pics on Facebook – Go here

From Chris :

From 1979 – early 80s I was the original dealer for the J24s in Victoria. Before there were enough boats to run class racing we raced in club and JOG events. Back then there were no wind limits and we often raced in 30 knots + Never saw a capsize, no broken rigs, perhaps the odd swim. Great times with some good people.

Pictures from Nick Capper :

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Chris Furey Pics below :

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Pictures and descriptions from Rob Hartnett, a previous and soon to be once again J24 owner:

Rawhiti 2 - now Excite your Senses
Rawhiti 2 – now Excite your Senses

Rawhiti 2 (now Excite Your Senses) on its way to NSW States at Port Hacking in 1986 when owned by Dr Lewis Perrin who bought it from Doug Brockoff. It is sitting on a cradle made by my father for our J-24 “Jellybean” KA 86. The Datsun 200B did not do the towing to Sydney, it was used to move the trailer in the yard at RYCV only! Photo Rob Hartnett

Eds comment, now you know how to move your boat if you don’t have a proper J24 trailer !

Ian Basford in Ireland
Ian Basford in Ireland

The second pic is one of the late great Ian Bashford. It was taken by my wife Leisa at the 1990 J-24 Worlds in Ireland where Leisa and I were covering the regatta for Australian Sailing and Australian Yachting Magazine. Basho’s boat “Fruitcakes” is on the crane and that is his trimmer and sailmaker Bruce Anson in the pink hat in the background. Basho liked this pic and his contribution to J’s and Australian sailing in general should not be underestimated. Photo Leisa Hartnett

This picture and story from Chris Furey:

J24 Jailbreak 1982
J24 Jailbreak 1982

Chris Furey is an ex J sailor and a great J friend from Sandy – he shot this pic and info to me this arvo, thought you might like to see it. Taken by Chris off Williamstown in the early 80’s, this is Athol Lidgett’s J24 ‘Jailbreak’ seen here on the burst in classic J style. Chris says, “It was during a JOG regatta out of RYCV when the race officials decided it was far too windy to race so several of us J sailors decided we would go for a blast anyway. The guy on the deck in the blue jacket is John Hooper, the sail maker.  The helmsman was Mark Bethwaite (from the famous Bethwaite clan) who went onto win the World J-24′s held in Sydney a few years later. He did this a week after winning the World Soling title in Perth I believe. John and Buster were active J-24 sailors sailing with Kevin Hill I recall. (Additional comment from Rob Hartnett) John and his brother, Olympic Coach Buster, both sailed on the boat.

Jailbreak met an unfortunate end when sailing back from a Mornington race into a strong  northerly that built to well over 35 knots. Athol decided they had taken enough punishment in the strong wind and seas and reached off into the lee of Rickets Point where they picked up a mooring just off the old Keefer’s Boatshed near Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron. The crew were picked up and taken ashore but that night the wind suddenly switched to an equally hard south westerly with enormous seas. The boat was torn from its mooring and smashed to unrecognisable pieces on the rocky Beaumaris shore just below the Beauy Pub. Somewhere on the rocks not far offshore  there is a J24 lead keel!”

Thanks Chris – keep those old pics coming !


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