J24 Trailer For Sale

Low riding tandem trailer with 4 wheel disc brakes, low keel support, steel gear box, Good condition. $5,500

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AUS 4792 Jet For Sale

JET AUS 4792, 1991 Bashford J24  – For Sale

The 2026 J24 Worlds are coming to Sandringham Yacht Club in Melbourne. Now is the time to buy the best boat available and spend time practising. Jet is that boat !
Jet is in prime racing condition, minimum weight boat with all systems optimised for racing, it is a step on and race for top spot boat. If you’re good enough ! Many wins and top placings in club to Nationals racing.
The boat is kept on the hardstand at Sandringham YC

Hull – faired mirror finish hull, optimised keel, tight rudder fittings.

Inside – newly re varnished bunk boards, immaculate condition, includes 9L Eski as part of boat dry weight and serves as step to deck. Full set of original bunk cushions included. Cat 6 Safety gear included. 3.5 Tohatsu outboard. New 7kg anchor, chain and warp included. Lifting strop and guide ropes.

Rig – Anodised Sparloft mast with through-bar spreaders, anti-wear load spreading blocks fitted into spreader ends. Main halyard exit on port side with cam and horn cleat, kite halyard high on starboard side with cam cleat, Genoa double cam cleat under kite on starboard side. Mast mounted swivel Cunningham block and cam cleat.  Tacktic with mast mounting bracket. Under two year old rigging with Ronstan easy adjusters fitted on both lower and cap shrouds. Adjustable forestay for max length. Large model 15 Windex vane at top of mast.

Running rigging – new genoa halyard, other halyards are near new.

Sheets – near new main and genoa sheets, tapered kite sheets

Deck –  near new anodised alloy traveller beam, harken self-tacking traveller. Double winch handle holders. Two handles. . Ronstan current model jib/genoa blocks, Ronstan auto-rachet orbit blocks on kite all with soft shackle attachment. Ronstan Ropeglide Rings on endless tweakers. Regularly maintained winches in excellent order. Hatch cover mounted cleats for vang (to both sides) topper, kicker and jib Cunningham. Bow and stern lines.

Boom – Anodised current model Sparloft boom

Sails –  Club/States Racing sails –  South Eastern Sails genoa, main and jib, low use North kite(yellow),
Spare set sails – North genoa, older AUS Sails main, genoa, jib. Club racing north kite (red), Club racing Quantum kite (red). All suitable for club racing.

Measurement certificate current

Top J24’s are rare and with the Worlds coming this is a bargain at $25,000

New North regatta main (4 days) and Genoa (3 days) available as extra to boat price.  $7500 (New $8500)

Road trailer – NSW built, galvanised tandem road trailer, four wheel disc brakes, low set keel support for lower CoG  when trailing and for easier access to deck, includes fixed in steel gear box – extra to boat price.  $5500 on it’s own or bought with Jet $5000

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Winch Fixes

Recently Brendan Lee discovered the joys of servicing winches, a good thing to do and I recommend it’s something all owners should do twice a year, doesn’t take a lot of time if you do it regulary. But woe betide anyone that forgets to do this at all. Winches are full of moving parts, hopefully some winch grease and some small but very important springs and palls (those are the things that make the clicking noise when you spin them)

If your winches aren’t making this important sound, or seem to have no noise at all, too much play in the drum or worse still don’t go round very well at all, then you have a problem you need to get on to – immediately.

If you don’t then you’ll have a problem like Brendan just found, some bits not going round at all, one bit stuck inside another so hard that force, freezing and heat wouldn’t budge it. Result – frustration and the need to go and buy a new one at $600+ each.

Lucky for Brendan, he has found another answer and he has had the winch fixed for just $35. Not saying that this is all you have to pay if you have a problem, but the answer for owners of Barlow Barient winches and others is a company in Sydney that we are very happy to promote, THE AUSTRALIAN YACHT WINCH CO, also known as HUTTON WINCHES I believe.  Chances are this company will be able to service/fix your winch for a fraction of the cost of buying new winches.

I have bought winch bearings from them previously and they have a very quick and reliable buy and mail out service.

Their full details are:

4 Narang Place
St Marys N.S.W. 2760 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9623 2448
Fax: +61 2 9623 2265
Email: winches@attglobal.net
Website: www.huttonwinches.com

How do I fix it?

Hi everyone, we have a new page on the site “Mr Fix It”. It will be a page giving tips on how to repair and maintain a J24. If you wish me to discuss any topics please ask and I will post the answers for the benefit of the whole group.


contact me on peter@austeknis.com or www.hiyachtracing.com