2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 5


Yes of course you can do a late entry but it costs you more and makes it harder for the organisers to cater correctly

Kirby, our Vegas Treasurer, who writes way better than I do, has hit the keys and come up with some hot new info – well we said there would be more, so keep coming back for updates. Read on avid readers !

Just a few bits of extra info for the upcoming Monjon National Championships to keep everyone in the loop as we get ever closer to race day! There’s lots going on, we’ll have battle flags up and flying which will very definitely put our stamp on the marina, there’ll be tracking on board all boats with some swanky new live tracking (thanks to John Neville’s company Data Agility, now people on shore can watch the race live online) and the end of each day’s sailing will be celebrated (our mourned…) with a beer courtesy of the association. There are BBQ’s, parties and even an exciting AGM will all be put on for your enjoyment, so this regatta will be one that you don’t want to miss!! If you are sitting on the fence on whether or not to make a tilt at taking home one of this year’s trophies or medals, then now is the time to take the plunge. There are quality boats and quality local crew still on offer for those wanting to join in, so don’t let the lack of a boat or people to crew it slow you down.

A few things in more detail:

Theme Night:

The theme night for this year is “J”, and with a bit of thought, I think you’ll agree that this is a ripper of a theme (thanks Joelle for your inspiration here!) It works for everyone, including:

– The lazies amongst us. Throw on some black jeans and white trainers and hello Jerry Seinfeld, what could be easier?

– The more ambitious folk. Go for the full Donald Trump ensemble and tell everyone you’re a jerk.

– People in bad moods. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep it together for the evening without totally losing your s**t, then pop on a pair of white shorts and voila – John McEnroe and any profanity or tantrums on the night can be chalked up to being ‘in character’ – perfect!

This party takes place on the Tuesday night before the lay day, so I think a very big night is in order, and then you’re guaranteed to wake up happy that we have that contentious day off!

The Lay Day:

Weather permitting, we will be heading off from St Kilda by ferry to Williamstown for lunch, so that J folk from near and far see a side of the bay that they less commonly visit. More on this as we get closer to the day and find out if Huey has co-operated with us enough to keep the lay day, or if we spend the Wednesday on the water.

Presentation Night:

With the fabulous MC’ing skills of one Doug McGregor, don’t miss this chance to congratulate the star performers of the regatta, on and off the water. Surely a Victorian boat will take out the title, and you’ll want to be there to congratulate them on the night! And don’t be the one who has to wait until the next day to see who takes out the inaugural J24 Clown Shoe Award, for the person who has succeeded in stepping on the most toes.  😉  For a mere $75, dinner will be in the Port Phillip room at the club and promises to be a great night.

More information to come, watch this space! … Kirby.