Membership Fees

The annual membership fee for each participating J24 sailor is $60. The membership year runs from October 1 each year.  Anyone joining from a state where there is no association can join through another state or through the National association.

All people sailing a J24 at club/class sailing level should be a member of their respective state association, this gives the class association a broader base with greater numbers, allows the class association to promote the boat, regattas and class management in a more successful way. A stronger class means that more people want to sail Js, boats become more valuable as they are more sought after by people wanting to join the class. It helps the class survive the competition from other classes and it means we can give more back to the members.

At State, National and International competition level and other major regattas as directed, all participating skippers and crew MUST be members of the association.

The class is structured in a multi tiered way. State associations are at the base level, responsible for the state governance of racing, regattas, measurement and promotion.

The National association is responsible for making sure the class is moving in a clear and coordinated way so that each State is fitting into the same overall plan. The National association reports to the International association.

The International association controls everything about the class in regard to technical and measurement matters, world and other international championships and the dissemination of class material back down through the same path as above.

The $60 is divided into 3 portions, $25 goes to the state association, $10 to the national association and $25 covers the fee to the international association

For your $60 each member normally gets a membership card, a copy of the rules, and generally some promotional item such as a magazine or calendar, depending on what the international association produces. There are a number of other items that come and go, some free, some at cost prices.

Plus and I think this is the best part, you get to be part of one of the biggest one design keelboat families in the country and the world. This is something that does change your life and you will quickly see that membership of this club is uniquely recognised and very rewarding.


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