Measurement, Change of ownership & Equipment Inventory Certificates

J24 2016 Measurement Update

Just in case you missed the Nationals AGM, longtime J24 measurement guru Peter Stevens and recently awarded J24 Life Member, has a modified role and is now our class records and technical officer. We must thank Peter for his continued support of the class, much of his hard work goes unnoticed!

In 2016 we are going to be focusing our measurement efforts on inventory and safety equipment.
Just about every J24 still racing competitively has been measured in detail over the last ten years and now our focus will shift to ensuring that everybody is carrying all inventory items that they list on the inventory. You can download a copy of the inventory list from the “About J24” section on the page below. There are three sheets on the downloadable document and you need to fill in your details on the second sheet “Your Boat”. Meeting your obligations is very simple once you have found your DRY boat weight, put this number on the sheet and then start weighing everything you must carry.
Generally by the time you add your outboard, anchor, fire extinguisher, torch, buckets, fuel, first aid kit, hacksaw, rule book and throwable life ring, you add at least 40 kg to your sailing weight.
If you have used additional items to reach the minimum sailing weight of 1330 kg, you must make sure you have all items on the boat while racing.

At all major regattas you must have your inventory list completed and attached to your bulkhead next to the sink, and the organising committee will check 4 entrants randomly to ensure everything listed is on board.

This process really is easy and one you should enjoy, it is like a spring clean for your boat and helps you get rid of excess that gathers on your boat throughout the year. Once you have done it once, it is a matter of simply replacing what you use. Top up the fuel, change the battery in the torch and replace the flares when they reach the expiry date.

The other item that is required for racing is your safety declaration, so please make sure you bring this with you to every regatta.


Boats with or without a Current IJCA Measurement Certificate

The measurement concept is very simple.

All boats require a current measurement certificate to be a compliant J24 and race in all association or club sanctioned one design class racing. This means that if you don’t have a current certificate and want to race against other Js in class racing – you need to get one !

If you have a boat without a current IJCA issued certificate (older Yachting Australia certificates are out of date and are not compliant) you need to contact your state or the national association and organise to have your boat measured. It isn’t complex but it does take a bit of time to do a full boat, less to have the most common things checked, but it still takes time, so this needs to be organised on organised ‘measurement days’ by your state association or by organising well ahead of major regattas – don’t leave it to the last minute !  Our measurers are all volunteers and won’t appreciate last minute imposts on their own regatta preparation time.

Boats which have been modified – Rule 2.5.5 “Any alteration to the hull or alteration to or replacement of the keel, rudder and spars invalidates the Measurement Certificate until re-measured.  A major repair to any of the foregoing or replacement of an item of equipment may also invalidate the Measurement Certificate.”

These boats can be re-measured by the State Measurer, who will forward the electronic Measurement Form to the National Measurer for processing and Certification.

There is no cost for a new certificate. Talk to your state association to start the process. Or if you want to ask any general questions you can discuss these at any time with Hugo Ottaway or Peter Stevens.

National Measurer:  Hugo Ottaway  0448 155 000

National Records and Technical Officer :  Peter Stevens or 0417 802 640


Change of ownership

When you buy a J24 a current IJCA measurement certificate is required to be re-issued with the new owner’s details. This is designed to help the association keep current and accurate records of the boats. The certificate is coordinated by the national association measurer and the certificate itself is issued by the international association (IJCA) and sent back by email to the new owner.

The fee for the new measurement certificate is currently $35

When you replace major equipment like sails, mast, rudder etc. these items must be remeasured to ensure they comply with the strict one design rules that make our class strong. Your boat will be reweighed at regular intervals by your local state measurer – or prior to a national level regatta if directed – to ensure it still complies and this weight is registered on your measurement certificate also.

Your boat must have a ‘dry’ weight of no less than 1270kg and a ‘sailing weight’ of no less than 1330kg.

There is no charge for this, although as we are all volunteers it is good to be nice to these guys doing the work !  The difference between these weights is explained in the class rule book.

For change of ownership, with no changes to the measurement details, please use the following form: Change_of_Ownership_Declaration


Required and Optional Equipment Inventory Form

Here is a new style Excel spreadsheet you can use to work out and print out your Required and Optional Inventory sheet.

Note that you must carry a filled out copy of this form or the original hand filled version on your boat whilst racing. This form is good as it automatically calculates your weights for you.

Then you can simply print it out

Here is the form:   New Inventory Form – Australia

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