3 thoughts on “How do I fix it?”

  1. I understand somebody trashed a rudder and it needs to be repaired.

    The rudders are Balsa core so repairing them is quite easy.

    1. Grind out the damaged section to bare balsa.
    2. Identify the Damaged core
    3. Route out or grind out the damaged section – be careful not to go through to the other side of the rudder as this is used as a backing plate.
    4. Source some balsa from Nupol composites (formerly Huntsman)
    5. Glue the balsa, shape to profile.
    6. Layup glass work and top of with a layer of peel ply. Peel Ply gives you a nice flat finish.
    7. Sand the Glass with 80 grid
    8 Should not need any filler, if filler is required fill and sand
    10. You can spray flow-coat :- match colour and Thin Mixture with acetone. approx 50%
    11. Sand the top coat with 400, 600, and 800 wet and dry.
    12. Buff to a mirror finish

    Job done !!!!

  2. Hi Peter, Our rudder is showing cracks (length ways) as if the rudder will split. Would you hasve any suggestions as to haw to repair this. Does one force the two halves “further” apart and glue them with a suitable glue? Any suggestions would be welcome. Oloff Mob: 0408 406 698.
    Many thanks

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