Hit the Mark – Christmas Issue 2010

Its fair to say that Editor Doug has packed another load of volatile J news into a few short pages of hot reading – aye that Scottish wit is as sharp as ever.

Another year of those who made it happen, those who watched it happen and those… well that didn’t know it happened!

So if you fall into the last category then you better get reading. Well done Doug !

Here it is  Christmas Issue, Hit The Mark! December 2010

And yes we do need a press officer, the position is up for grabs and I suggest you all send your votes in to me …………would Doug make a good PR man do you think?

Merry Christmas

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  1. Its definitely easier for girls to sail with a jib – but I think the challenge and the fun would be much less for the men if we take away the genoa. Racing yachts involves alot of money every which way you turn, but for lights winds to have to sail with a jib would be like putting the training wheels back on!

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