The Nationals Souvenir Booklet

At last year’s National AGM we made a decision to produce an A5 sized Souvenir Booklet containing information on the regatta, the Host club and course area and a comprehensive competitor list. This will be a great souvenir of the first J24 regatta to be held at Cronulla in – oh a billion years !

This means for you – our entrants, that we aim to have a page per boat for each entry. Each boat page is planned to look a bit like this:


Of course we can’t do it without your help – and no help – no booklet, so please, if you have entered the Nationals or plan to, please send me your details as follows so I can include you and your boat in the booklet.

Here’s what we need:

Boat name and number, plus club initials.

A pic of your boat – you must own the rights to use the pic you choose (no links to other sites please).

A short history of your boat and it’s and your achievements (as a skipper or crew if in another boat) over recent years.

Your crew list.

Please have a look at the sample above for an example. You might think this is a bit late notice but then we have only half the expected entries in to date, so we can’t produce without knowing who is to go into the book.

Remember it takes time to produce so we need both your entry in and your details by the 28th Decemer 2016 – otherwise you won’t be included.

Send your pic and info to me at

Cheers Simon.