Capturing those memories

2023 J24 Nationals at Cronulla Sailing Club

It’s a while since the day many will talk about for years to come, yes Saturday of the 2023 J24 Nationals at Cronulla Sailing Club – big waves and lots of wind. Plenty of carnage, plenty of tall tales and memories.

Capturing those memories was our intrepid photographer, Margaret Fraser-Martin and some of those pics are just amazing.

For example, this one doesn’t have the action of some, but just look at that swell in front of ‘Sailmates’, this lends new meaning to sailing uphill(s)!

You won’t see many J24 regattas with that size swell coming through, can’t imagine leaving the marina if that was coming into Sandy!

Margaret has a huge folder full of pics – most that haven’t come to light yet and are available here for the first time. Some are pics of the fleet (Margaret likes to get multiple boats in shots for more action and scale), some are individual yachts. I commend these pictures to you, and suggest you find your boat and order a copy. Margaret is offering high-res files of each for just $40. You’ll love an action shot and you will be supporting Margaret in her work which she did for us without any guarantee of remuneration. Helping her, helps you and us in the future if we can get her back for the next one.

Simon Grain, Nat Sec

Have a look at these amazing pics and here’s how to order.

  • High resolution pictures are available, $40.00, for a digital file for printing. Email ( with event name and photo number. Photo credit is always needed wherever used in public (posters, social media, websites etc.).
  • Facebook: Marg’s Yacht Photos
  • Instagram: margsyachtphotos
  • Contact:


A bit about Marg Fraser-Martin – Passionate Life Photographer

My passion is for taking photos of people being engaged and passionate about their sailing. Capturing that moment in time when they are oblivious to the rest of the world and are totally involved in the task at hand and joy of life. The moment that is not posed.

This is about people who are competing in sailing and juggling all other aspects of life.

I want my photos to be a positive image to get more people in front of my lens, having fun, showing their friends and families. What they did on the weekend, and it is awesome.

To achieve this goal, I have been able to combine two of my favourite skills/qualifications – photography and sailing. Capturing the thrill, the teamwork, and the sheer joy of sailing.

A lot has changed since I started taking sailing photography and my area of expertise and interest has expanded. I now get involved in many Charity Events. Charity Yacht Regatta’s, Charity Balls, Golf Days, Eastern Creek Car Racing, Charity dinners and luncheons.