The Magnificent Seven

Sean Wallis lifts the trophy again
Sean Wallis and crew lifts the trophy again, flanked by SYC Commodore Phil Burn and Vic State J24 President Michael Lewenhagen

Still the name of a very famous western movie, but also the very deserving winners at this year’s nationals. The J24 National Association congratulates our magnificent seven and their crews.

Sean Wallis, who took out the championship after being ahead, getting behind and then on the last day fighting it out to take the win.

Doug McGain, fought an equally tough and enthralling battle to come second.

David Suda, who has been knocking on the door to the top position on the podium took out third.

Adam Evans, the young gun winning the handicap prize.

Alyn Stevenson, our immediate past president, with his first ever nationals race win was second in the handicap section.

Sean Kirjian needs no introduction, sailed with a crew mostly of sailing school trainees and one gorgeous blonde took out third – simply awesome.

Kirsty Harris, one of two female skippers takes the female skippers prize with a very creditable 7th overall.

As well as the perpetual trophies successfully defended this year by Sean, these seven skippers also each take away impressive half model trophies made by our national measurer Peter Stevens. Each of these models was hand made by Peter from fiberglass and then coated in various colours to indicate the place, with gold, silver and bronze for the first three one design and blue, red and green for the handicap.  Fittingly the female skipper’s model is done in pink. The models were then mounted on a backing board with a plaque indicating placing.

Peter spent many hours making these and they are a credit to him. He is prepared to make more for future regattas, but you should get your orders in early as Peter is a busy guy.

On behalf of the J24 National Association, thank you Peter for your efforts in producing these trophies.

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  1. Just look at that photo, a body built to perfection! Many $$$ spent getting in to top condition for this title, just goes to show any chick magnet can do it!

  2. Moon, your guts hanging out is a symbol of the whole campaign!

    Well done, another title under the (expanding) belt.

    And hey, whats with the faggy looking bloke with big pants holding the white J trophy????


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