The Lipton Cup Regatta

The Lipton Cup Regatta is a two day event that caters to the serious racing fraternity by offering a combination of short course racing and long distance racing as well as an enjoyable weekends sailing for the cruising boats with long distance races on both days.

The weekend is concluded with entertainment and prize giving on the Club lawn.

Schedule of Races and Course Locations

The Regatta combines windward/leeward and passage course racing on Saturday November 17th followed by a longer distance race on Sunday November 18th.

Short Races – Saturday 17th November Warning Signal 1025hrs

For Divisions A, B, C, D Trailable Yachts and Sportsboats, three short course races will be conducted on Saturday, each with a target duration of 75 minutes and a minimal interval between races:-

  • Division D Yachts (Js) will race around laid marks in Hobsons Bay.

Long Race – Sunday 18th November – Warning Signal 0955hrs

  • For all divisions the longer distance race will start and finish south of St Kilda in the vicinity of R3 with separate starts for each division. The course will be around fixed marks with a range of course options to provide target race duration of between 4 and 4 ½ hours for all divisions.

The Sunday race is designed to facilitate a presentation at 1600hrs on the lawn of RYCV.

For the Js at Sandy, the Saturday racing will be scored as part of our summer Aggregate, so participation here will be a good idea, the racing on Saturday will be conducted by SYC and held somewhere off Brighton most likely. After that the aim for boats sailing in the Sunday race (and I encourage you all to do this as it is a different but interesting race) will be to sail from the finish line over to Royals where they will give is secure berthing and show us a good time with food and drink. If there are enough people they will also put on a bus to take us back to Sandy – so you can have a drink. Next morning drive back to Royals and after the race which finishes near Royals return there for the prize giving, drop off a driver, pick up a traveller and sail the boat home.

So have a think about this – it would be good to make a god show this year to Royals (they could well be a new home for Js when we finally overflow and they are keen to start a J fleet, something we should encourage as an association) I need to know some indicative numbers to pass to Royals in due course.

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