Sportsnap pictures of the 2018 Nationals

It’s now the other end of January, the Nationals are done and dusted, Australia Day is out of the way and it’s time for a bit of summer reflection. What did just happen over the New Year break ?

Are you thinking back to the Nationals, why not look back at them !

Our amazing photographer Luis Ferreiro from Sportsnap has OVER 2,000 beautiful pictures of our 2018 Nationals online. This is an awesome collection of brilliant pictures. Luis’ pics are clear, sharp, colourful and capture the action in a way few can do.

In a fantastic deal with the Vic Assn, these pics are FREE for you to download.  DID I MENTION FREE AND VERY EASY TO SELECT AND DOWNLOAD  !!!

Simply go online to

Select LATEST EVENTS – pick the gallery you want to view and start looking at pics. When you see one you want, click on the little ‘Cart Icon’ at bottom right.

To recieve a decent size colour pic into your computer or phone, click on ‘Personal Use’  – select the ‘Medium’  size button ($0) and click ‘Add to cart’, then click on ‘Continue Shopping’ for more pics. Select and add to cart as many as you want and the files will be stored in your cart and an email sent to you with a download link when you decide to check out.

If you want Luis to print out a bright colourful shiny print, select the ‘Print/Product’ choice, there is a fee for this, but the prints are amazing.

Don’t forget to thank the Vic Association and Luis next time you see them, what a great deal and what a great photographer.

Ok click the link and get started.