Port Adelaide Sailing Club – founded 1897

Port Adelaide Sailing Club
Founded 1897

A new J24 fleet is being established in Adelaide based in the Port River in a new marina. Several High Schools are now basing their sailing programs at the club as well as Sailability.

Port Adelaide is the base in South Australia for Sailability with multiple cranes on the wharfs to assist.

Alyn Stevenson sailing Fun2 has relocated his J24 for 3 months to help establish the fleet and Peter Stevens has bought Haywire and this J24 will go to the PASC as well. 2 boats for sale are being moved to the Port as well as a couple a members who have not hit the race track for several years also in the process of moving.

A clear goal of 10 J24’s within 18 months has been set and will be achieved. The aim is to get older boats out of circulation and back in the club scene in an easy sailing environment. The river offers owners the opportunity to sail shorthanded or with inexperienced crew.

Having said, it also offers the opportunity to get some of S.A’s top juniors involved in the J24’s and the river is great training for the experienced teams wanting to sharpen their skills in shifting breezes, tides and up and down pressure.

Whilst it is early days in the project we now have interest from another club in the river region as the J24 has been dubbed “Pocket Rocket” by the members.

Port Adelaide Sailing Club was recently relocated to a brand new Marina and boasts superb facilities at affordable prices with Membership under $500 per year and hardstand fees at around $900 per year. This makes it attractive to get those older J24’s back on the water and sailing and affordable to most people.

Several large Regattas are already in the planning stages including a Junior Keelboat Regatta inviting all the States top juniors.

Anyone interested in joining the latest J24 fleet in Adelaide can contact

Alyn Stevenson 0400227562 J24 Australia Vice President
Warwick Ward 08 83417103 Port Adelaide Sailing Club
Peter Stevens 0417802640 J24 National Measurer

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