Outhaul cleats…

Has anyone had problerms with outhaul cleats slipping?.. I have sailed on a few Js lately and all seem to have the same problem or the outhaul slipping under load, when the cleat teeth don’t necessarily appear to be worn.

I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions for an alternate system so I can pass the information to  the owners.


2 thoughts on “Outhaul cleats…”

  1. HI Paula, natural wear and tear. Check that you have the appropriate block and tackle ratio in the boom and make sure you have new correct size rope and a new cleat – shouldn’t have a problem. Mine doesn’t slip

  2. Hi Paula, we had a similar problem. We replaced our outhaul (metal V cleat) with a plastic cleat after the teeth of the cleat had been worn away. The plastic cleat never functioned properly and the outhaul would slip under very small loads. We determined the opening of the plastic cleat wasn’t quite wide enough to properly grab the outhaul so it kept slipping. We eventaully replaced the plastic cleat with another metal one; same size as the plastic one but with a wider ‘V’. The outhaul doesn’t slip anymore. Hope this helps.

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