J24 Site update

To all administrators, editors and authors of j24.com.au

We (website administration – mainly Simon Grain and Lisa Simonov) have updated the j24 website last week.  May be you have noticed, if not – please refresh your pages and clear your browser history ?

The main things about the new site:


All your logins should have remained the same, just make sure that your are logging in to the new site, the address is j24.com.au/wp-admin, or follow the link in the footer of the j24 site page, on the right.

Main Menu

The main menu does not update itself any more, please add your links to it manually. That allows you to use menu labels different from the page title, for example the page may be titled “J24 Victoria – World Class racing at Sandy” and the menu label is simply “VIC”.

You should be able to view and edit main menu and Links menus. The instruction page is here:

Green lock

The site is now SSL protected, you will see that green lock in the browser url window next to the site address.

!!! Important !!!!
When you add pictures to your articles please make sure they have a https:// address. If they don’t or you are not sure, please upload them to the site library first. When an image from an insecure source is embedded into the page the pretty green lock disappears ?

I will keep an eye on that too.

Future updates

The Boat Register and Skipper ranking are being updated, we are working on them. Luke – on the boat register and Lisa on the ranking. Should see some progress in a couple of weeks.

Please let us know if you have questions and suggestions, call Simon Grain or email admin@j24.com.au