J24 pics from Paparazzi

Greg Pratt from Paparazzi Digital Photgraphy sent in this email regarding the pics he took of the Nationals in Adelaide 3 years ago. I have had a look at this page and it looks great with some awesome pics, so have a look, especially if you sailed the regatta.

From Greg Pratt

“I photographed the Nationals in Adelaide .  I’m trying a new platform that will allow the purchase and download of digital files. Please note : ONLY DIGITAL DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE – NO PRINTS.

I have put up a few albums and will put more up over the following week. Whereas you could only order prints previously thru the www.paparazzi.com.au website I have had many emails asking to purchase the digital file so as people can either make screen savers or print as they see fit.”

Here is the link to the site: