IJCA Awards the 2026 J24 Worlds to SYC in Melbourne.

Early Friday morning the International J24 Class Association awarded the 2026 J24 World Championship to Sandringham Yacht Club. A small team led by National President Steve Wright, and including National Measurer Hugo Ottaway and then Victorian President Adam Keys-Tilley put together a comprehensive bid for the Championship.
We were up against a very slick bid from Argentina for the regatta to be held in a sensational location in a lake high in the Andes mountains, however the vote went unanimously to Melbourne.
The work now begins on the organisation for the regatta to be held in the second week of November 2026. Our new Victorian President Megan Aulich is right behind the bid and will be taking on an exciting and leading role in the regatta organisation. More to come as you can imagine. We will be looking for volunteers, charter boats and sponsorship.