Hyperactive Win SYC J24 Summer Series 2011-2012

The Hyperactive crew at work

Author: Doug MacGregor

Owners of Hyperactive, Sarah Thompson and Robyn Coombs, with their crew of Kirsty Harris, who is on the helm, Rob Richardson and Joelle Roderick took out the J24 Summer Sprint Series at Sandringham YC on Sunday 16th April. And…they’d a quiet celebratory drink on the deck at the club…they went on to the training lecture and video review of the day’s racing (still quiet)…they went on to weigh their boat (YET AGAIN!), still quiet…and then they went home, you got it, still quiet….and I say quiet because no one but them, save one other (Brendon Lee, who came second), knew that they’d won!! In all fairness the last races were awash with maverick competitors and non entrants, crews out to train (sort of) and crews pulling out. All that was missing was the Black Pearl with Jack Sparrow at the wheel. So, forgive us Hyper..if we’d realized, we’d so have partied!!

Let me now make amends for my oversight for I should really, as vice president, been more on top of this, offer my congratulations to the crew of Hyperactive who have won one of the most coveted titles in Victorian racing, for consistency is exactly what all of us are trying to achieve. It wins races. And you don’t win a series without it. Add to that the many trials and tribulations that Hyper’ have gone through this season with technicalities on their boat and it makes their win even more special. They’ve been stoic, to say the least, and let’s face it really, really fast !!

Also…a huge round of applause for Brendon Lee, and his crew, on By The Lee who came in a very close and hard fought second place. As you may know Brendon is new to the class and has most certainly impressed all of who have been sailing Js a bit longer with how quickly he as learned to sail our funny wee boat.

Again…well done Hyperactive!! I think everyone owes you a beer.