Gosford J24 Regatta

This year the Gosford J24 Classic Regatta at Gosford Sailing Club attracted a fleet of 8 – with beautiful champagne sailing conditions Saturday..and a 30 degree day on Sunday bringing very light winds.  The full 6 races were finally completed after some postponements and course changes, and with the drop, Steve Girdis managed to rack up just 5 points with 5 wins to take the winners spot!

start line


Scratch Results

1st Place Convicts Revenge Stephen Girdis
2nd Place Vortex Graeme Lee
3rd Place Innaminka John Crawford


Handicap Results

1st Place Starpac John Gardiner
2nd Place Pacatack Greg Dixon
3rd Place Convicts Revenge

Stephen Girdis


Thank you once again to all entries and crew for making the trip to Gosford whether it be by sea or road, from Sydney and Lake Macquarie!  We appreciate the effort it takes to get your boat there and hope you will also join us at the next big event – the NSW J24 State Championships on 1 & 2 November at RPEYC in Sydney!