Enter Online for the 2010 Nationals

Entry is now open for the 2010 Nationals. Entry is done online by clicking on the link on the Nationals page to the Top Yacht Online Entry System as used by Sandringham Yacht Club.

This system allows you to enter, change your details and pay online. Paperwork requirements for Insurance Certificates, Measurement Certificates and Measurement Compliance Certificates, Cat 6 Certificates and any other paperwork required will be done separately. You may be contacted by SYC and asked to fax these to the club, or if not, you will be required to supply these at registration on 2/3 January.

If you have any questions you want to direct to the club please ask for Monica Tonner on 03 9599 0999

Click here to go to the Nationals Page

There is also a link on the home page of the SYC site, look for a J24 button at the bottom right of the page.


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