Big Moves at National Hookup

Last night’s national Skype hookup, with representatives from NSW, SA and VIC online, made some far reaching decisions on the class future over the next 12 months.

Expect to see a much higher class profile in the very near future with a major promotional campaign coming on, Australia’s leading and one of the world’s leading online sailing news sites.

Amongst a higher coverage of J24 events and news the campaign will be celebrating the class position as the birthplace of many keelboat sailing legends here in Australia and overseas culminating in a major event, “The Legends Regatta” to be held at Gosford on 2nd – 4th October 2010. Already we have significant interest from many Australian Sailing Legends, names you will already know well but not realised their involvement in the class in past years.

This site will soon begin a series of Legends features to profile these amazing people.

If you didn’t know it already   “J24 – Where Legends Begin”

Watch for more to come.