Best Crew Practices

Janette Syme, sister and competitor to brother Ron Thomson on  “Kicking Bottom”, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, sailing and training with Arthur Crothers (probably one of the best sailors and teachers in the business). She is one of a small group of lady skippers that are making a real difference in the class. And giving the guys a run for their money.

Janette has found a very good article on Sailing World about best crew practices.

Click here to read it.   Sailing World

1 thought on “Best Crew Practices”

  1. I found this interesting as my crew have communicated to me (in the nicest possible way ofcourse) that my communication skills are lacking at times. They say all my commands should be delivered with my ‘starboard’ voice, and i need to be clearer on what i actually want done – ‘could you pull it forward!’ Sophie, with brace in hand, bamboozled as to what i actually meant.
    I was looking at the spinnaker pole – wasnt everyone else?

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