J24 Site update

To all administrators, editors and authors of j24.com.au

We (website administration – mainly Simon Grain and Lisa Simonov) have updated the j24 website last week.  May be you have noticed, if not – please refresh your pages and clear your browser history ?

The main things about the new site:


All your logins should have remained the same, just make sure that your are logging in to the new site, the address is j24.com.au/wp-admin, or follow the link in the footer of the j24 site page, on the right.

Main Menu

The main menu does not update itself any more, please add your links to it manually. That allows you to use menu labels different from the page title, for example the page may be titled “J24 Victoria – World Class racing at Sandy” and the menu label is simply “VIC”.

You should be able to view and edit main menu and Links menus. The instruction page is here:

Green lock

The site is now SSL protected, you will see that green lock in the browser url window next to the site address.

!!! Important !!!!
When you add pictures to your articles please make sure they have a https:// address. If they don’t or you are not sure, please upload them to the site library first. When an image from an insecure source is embedded into the page the pretty green lock disappears ?

I will keep an eye on that too.

Future updates

The Boat Register and Skipper ranking are being updated, we are working on them. Luke – on the boat register and Lisa on the ranking. Should see some progress in a couple of weeks.

Please let us know if you have questions and suggestions, call Simon Grain or email admin@j24.com.au

2015 VIC States Photos by Chris Furey

Chris Furey has again taken some great pics of the J24 States in Melbourne on the weekend. So here they are as thumbnails – approx 235 pics ! I have been through them and there are sensational shots of most boats.

Chris has been very kind and generous with his photography and as agreed to help us support the Luke Mathews fund. We have agreed to a small fee of $25 for up to 10 shots – if you want more then another $25, this will go to Luke’s Fund. So anyone can buy shots for this small donation to help Luke.

Here is what you need to do to get your selection.

  1. Choose your selection and make a list of these picture numbers
  2. Go to the ‘Pay Victorian Assoc Online’ page also on this site (under VIC on the top navigation bar) and fill in your name, your email and your list of numbers into the ‘Description’ field. Fill in the amount in the ‘Amount’ field.
  3. Click the ‘Checkout’ button and use your credit card to pay the amount due.
  4. I will then email you your high res files once Kirby has passed your selection on to me
    This donation is purely planned to help Luke as much as possible, so I do suggest that your crew buy some shots as well rather than sharing files you buy, so be honest and help Luke and Karen get through this terrible time.

If I get inundated with requests this may take me some time to email all but the result for Luke’s Support Fund could be wonderful. Some pics are a little fuzzy where the reflected sunlight has played with the focus and this may not be apparent in the thumbnail.

Regards Simon

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J24 Australia 2012 Nationals at CYCSA in Adelaide – video

Joe Pearson from Make My Jay was filming and taking photos while sailing valiantly in J24 2012 Nationals in Adelaide. He published this compilation on You Tube and I took the liberty of putting it on our J24 site for everyone to see:

J24 Australia 2012 Nationals at CYCSA in Adelaide. Music: The Cat Empire – Fishes By Joe Pearson