Audi Victoria Geelong Week 2011

The Audi Victoria Geelong Week is almost upon us again – seems silly to think that but it is just 60 odd days away and you need to be thinking about entry and accommodation for this event.

I have negotiated with RGYC to get a J24 Series down there within the Audi Performance Series category as part of the official racing rather than us just entering a performance handicap class and have achieved that (and overcome a few hurdles they put in our way) this means we will have our own set of results and trophies depending on the level of entries.

The format is to be :

Saturday 22 Jan – Passage Race to Geelong

Sunday 23rd, Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th – W/L races each day

Wednesday 26th – Cruising sail back to Sandy

You will notice that this is slightly different to the Audi Series as it has a passage race on the Tuesday, where we will be doing the W/L – but you enter the Audi Performance Series

To do this you will need to take only the Monday and Tuesday off work as the Wednesday is the Australia day holiday.

To get this series happening we need to have a minimum of 7 boats (1 trophy for first given), I have stuck my neck out and said I think we will get between 10 and 15 boats (2 to 3 trophies), (Vic boats plus a couple of SA boats on their way back and maybe a couple of Sydney boats ?)

So here is the really important part, we need to have an idea how many boats will want to go to Geelong be part of this series. Traditionally it is an awesome race weekend to do, just ask anyone who has done one.

Ideally I would like to give RGYC advance knowledge of the competitor numbers – this will help with things like berthing arrangements.

So please send me an email if you are planning to go with your boat – or if you want to fly in and do the rock star crew bit.

For more info go to the race week website here


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  1. Are you in need of crew or know of any owners who are looking for crew for the Audi week in Melbourne? Ph 0427 088 352

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