Audi Sydney Harbour Regatta

Last weekend saw some 300 boats over 13 divisions compete in the Audi Sydney Harbour Regatta – we managed to get a J24 fleets together with 6 boats on the saturday start line! A solid 18 knots – some decent gusts – some great wind shifts and a huge tide…mmm..not the easist day! 

Marc Tromp steering Waterborne again came out with a great lead in race 1, followed by a win for Kaotic and a win for Ace.   Seeing Kaotics crew half under water at one point was pretty funny after a big gust and shift – …only to find ourselves on Wildfire also suddenly very wet too and fighting to stay on board….Brett claimed he couldn’t get the main sheet off quick enough but I reckon it was something to do with me being his tactician for the first time….iniaation  processes and all that….even funnier was then seeing David West do the same to his crew…but didn’t settle for just once!!!..Twice – at least the water is still 23 degrees!!

Day 2 saw lighter winds…but still a bit flukey…unfortunatley Waterborne Again couldn’t race so we were down to a fleet of five…Fun and Wildfire trying hard to catch Kaotic and Ace who won race 4 and 5, and Madder and Badder who picked the right side well to win the last race of the regatta!

Great sailing everyone….tight results – Janette Syme steering Arthur Crothers Kaotic finished equal first with David West on Ace – on countback David just clinched it…Lucky guy -now gets to go car racing at Eastern Creek in the challenge for a new Audi – we’ll let you know if he wins!!!!

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  1. It was a lovely happy little series with flat water and slick racing. Even the ferries wanted to join in! Davie had a ball in the drive off but unfortunately missed out by a whisker to win the car. It went to an old stayer from MHYC who has not long purchased his own Audi and has happened to have won one before….. Ugh!

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