This ranking system was first introduced in2011, it is based on the algorithm provided by Sean Wallis and has been built by Lisa Simonov in Melbourne. Ultimately, this ranking system could be used  to determine who is eligible to represent Australia at the coming world titles.

How do we set it up?

Recording Regattas

We record the regatta results for National Championships, State Championships and approved Regional Championships. They have to be approved regattas and have 5 or more J24s racing sailing under the class rules.

Choosing the latest Regattas

For each skipper we look at the regattas for the last 2 years ( starting  [display_cutoff] ). Here is the list of these regattas:



We calculate skipper’s rating in each regatta, then choose 4 best ratings, add them up and round the result. This becomes Skipper’s score or points. You can see the result below:


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