2024 AGM Minutes

Minutes for 2024 National J24 Association AGM

 Venue: RANSA
9.30am, 6 January 2024

Members Present

John Crawford
William Hough
Eva Stadler
Simon Grain
Dale Sharp
Cameron Cooke
Terry Wise
Dave West
Natalie Butterworth
Tristam Cockman


Steve Wright

 2 – Last year’s minutes were accepted. – 1st John Crawford, 2nd Eva Stadler

The following reports were accepted.


Thank you for your attendance at this year’s AGM, making the time to support the National Association.

It has been a busy year for many J sailors, with local and international events, and it’s great to see new skippers and crew coming on board.

The Victorian Association is strong as always and has had several new owners come into the class. Running the Crew-ser Cup has been a great way to get new skippers involved through fun and inclusive racing.  Also the Victorian Association has a new President in Megan Aulich who is keen to get her teeth into the job and implement some more initiatives. Congratulations Megan.

In NSW, the Association under President Dave West has been hard at it attracting youth sailors and women sailors, and it is great to have so many new and up and coming faces here for the Nationals.  Also the association with Navy Sailing is developing and should continue to attract fresh participants for our events. Well done Dave and the Committee.

Former President Ron Thompson now lives in Perth, where there a number of Js sailing at various clubs. He has bought a boat himself and is working towards gathering these into an informal group for some class racing and promote the Class in the West.

A crew from Australia represented us in the Lady Liberty Regatta in New York earlier this year under Skipper Janette Syme. This is an international event for women, sailed in J24s with only one crew from any country invited. The ladies performed well in the sailing and I’m sure had a great time in the social events.

The major J24 event of any year is the World Championship, this year held in Thessaloniki in Greece. Australia was well represented, with 6 teams competing. Racing was very tight under difficult, light conditions and while many crews would have been hoping for better results all had a great time and represented Australia well.

While at the Worlds, many of our conversations with the Americans and Europeans came around to the same point; that Australia should mount a bid to hold the Worlds in 2026. This was discussed at Committee and it was decided that we could and should “have a go”. A very professional presentation was put forward in a short space of time, with lots of input from those involved and with the invaluable help of Sandringham Yacht Club. At the World Council Meeting, our bid won out over another bid from Argentina and it is now confirmed that the 2026 Worlds will be held at Sandringham in early November 2026. Some difficult challenges will have to be met but there is a huge amount of enthusiasm already and I am sure it will come together as a great event.

With all these initiatives there is every reason to look forward to a bit of a resurgence in the Class as new blood is introduced and maybe some old faces return to the Class with an eye on competing at the Worlds.

Finally, thanks to RANSA for hosting the Australian Championship and NSW States this season, and good luck to the competitors

Steve Wright,
J24 Australia.


4 – Treasurer’s Report



Opening Balance 1/1/23                                                                                  $11,313.82

INCOME                                                                                                                             A$

SSF Membership                                                                                                           82.00

Royalty Tag Sales      Qty 8                                                                                       400.00

Total Income                                                                                                               482.00


Memberships to IJCA (151)                                                                                  4821.57

AS Membership                                                                                                         250.00

Margaret Fraser Martin Photography                                                                200.00

Royalty Tags                                                                                                               1310.86

Website Hosting                                                                                                         135.00

Total Expenditure                                                                                                   6717.43

Closing Balance                                                                                                        5078.39


Cash at Bank                                                                                                              5078.39

Plus Royalty Tags at cost (25 in stock)                                                              1310.86

Plus Receivables (Memberships 23-24 year x 151)                                      5778.00

Less Liabilities                                                                                                                   0.00

Net Assets                                                                                                                12167.25

Happily, 20 new tags were bought just prior to the price increase from IJCA.

The meeting approved the payment of $200 to Margaret Fraser Martin Photography once again for her photographic work in this National Championship.

5 – Election of Officers

No new nominations were received. Steve Wright was elected unopposed as President.

The current members of the committee, Dave West (NSW Pres), Hugo Ottaway (National Measurer), Arthur Crothers, Megan Aulich (VIC Pres) and Simon Grain offered themselves for re-election and were returned to the committee unanimously.  – 1st John Crawford, 2nd Dale Sharp

6 – Simon Grain to remain as an account signatory, with appointment of new bank signatories being Hugo Ottaway and Steve Wright to be added and Ron Thomson to be removed.  – 1st Dale Sharp, 2nd Terry Wise
Steve Wright has the change paperwork to be signed and returned to SG for Hugo to sign.

7 – State reports – informal reports by SG for Vic, DW for NSW

VIC – remains strong at Sandy, disappointing turnout for Nationals but expecting a strong showing for VIC States on 23/24 March with a number of NSW crews interested in coming down. Another Crewser Cup is expected to happen later in the season. New J70 program at SYC with over 80 people signed up for the 4 boat program. We hope to get some of the overflow from that.

NSW – Youth Challenge was a success and is expected to be even larger this year with already more interest being shown by more clubs, Gosford (unknow due to Terry expected being away) and Sail Port Stephens to be promoted.

8 – 2025 & 26 Nationals – Due to be held in Melbourne in January 2025 & 2026, VIC to decide on details and promote

9 – Worlds – The 2024 Worlds are due to be held in Seattle this year, the current Nationals are the qualifying trials. Interested to go at this stage are John Crawford, Terry Wise (Sean Kirkjian & Isobel’s Women’s Crew), Will Hough (Youth Crew), Dave West and Simon Grain. Committee to discuss and send invitations as is decided.

2025 worlds are to be in Plymouth in the UK with the 2026 Worlds to be held in Melbourne

10 – General Business

No general business was brought up

Meeting closed at 9.45am