2022 AGM Report

Venue: Sandringham YC, Victoria
8.30am, 8 January 2022

Members Present

Steve Wright

Hugo Ottaway

Simon Grain

John Neville

Jack Fullerton

Lawson Shaw

Warren Campbell

Arthur Crothers

David Mackay

Mark Foster

Warren Slater

Darren Cutts

Adam Keys-Tilley

Dave West

Kristian Thomas

Jordan Sunkel-Lozell


Ron Thomson


(Outgoing President Ron Thomson)

Welcome to the J24 National AGM held in Melbourne 2022.  Unfortunately I am unable to attend due to border restrictions but hope you are enjoying the National Championships currently underway.  Sailing at Sandringham brings back great memories for me with the frustrating weather patterns, go left at all cost except when it is more favourable to go right. Watch out for the chop and ride those waves downwind whenever possible.

It certainly has been an awkward couple of years with various different regulations in the various States and Territories.  Social distancing on a J24 is problematic at any time and silly rules put in place regarding who can be on your boat sailing.  Like airlines, sailing is one of the safest sports during this covid period being out in the fresh air and the ability to put smiles on people faces helps during these times.

The National Committee has had to make some difficult decisions in the last year or so, none more so than having to cancel last year’s National event even though the environment was seemingly looking good at the time.  I wish to thank members for their support and understanding.  Queries were also raised about this year’s event but with nearly all borders open, there was no reason not to go ahead.

Regarding the J24 World scene, the 2020 Championships in Poole UK and 2021 in Argentina had to be cancelled however this year’s event in Corpus Christi, Texas USA is scheduled to go ahead in July 2022. Although the International Borders are starting to re-open, there are many challenges such as insurance, quarantine, vaccination issues to consider for those wishing to go.  There are six spots available to Australians but do speak to the National Committee should you intend to go.  The following year the 2023 Championships will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece which, fingers crossed, will provide a very scenic and different experience.

On a personal note I shall be stepping down from all J24 roles for the time being after taking a sea change in life moving to Perth.  There is a fleet of J24s here and I will be making contact with them shortly. Currently I have been busy with the new house and indulging with 8 year old triplets.   I wish to thank the National Committee members, Hugo, Simon, Arthur & Steve for their help and support over the past years and wish Steve well in taking over my role.  I thoroughly enjoyed the J24s over nearly 12 years with a few regatta successes, many failures, interstate travels and jumping on at least 10 different boats.  What has been the highlight is meeting J24 sailors some of whom are now personal life-long friends and colleagues with whom I will continually keep in touch.  I even met my first Australian sailing hero but don’t mention this to him as it goes to his head.  Sailing against some of the best sailors in Australia was a delight and hope this class continues to attract the best.

I must apologize for my hasty departures from Melbourne as I had only four hours to leave before the WA border closed.  With no car, no home, limited clothes, I thank Simon for putting me up for a week and getting me to the airport with almost no notice.  Lucky I did as the border has remain shut since.  On my freedom day after 14 days quarantine, it was fantastic not to wear a face mask for the first time in 15 months. My sister Janette and Rob have also escaped from the big smoke and now live on Magnetic Island off Townsville.  So no more Thomo Cups for a while and every regatta is now two boats short.

It is anticipated I will be back in Sydney and/or Melbourne within the first six months this year, tripled vaccinated and with face mask. So hopefully I will be able to catch up with you for a drink if not a sail.  If you ever get to Perth (and allowed in!!!) do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes


Treasurer’s Report

October 2020 Opening Balance $ 8,014.26
SSF Memberships $ 232.00
$ 310.00
$ 620.00
Sales of Royalty Tags $ 900.00
Victoria Memberships $2,676.84
Sydney Harbour Memberships $2,294.44
Interest $                            9.80
International J24 Memberships
Including new Royalty tags ($ 7,203.36)

January 2022 Balance                                                                                                                                                              $ 7,844.98

Election of Officers

Steve Wright was elected unopposed as President

Hugo Ottaway, Arthur Crothers and Simon Grain were returned to the committee, no other nominations were received.

State reports – informal reports by John Neville, Dave West, Simon Grain and Steve Wright were presented. Overall the class is in a reasonably healthy position with a number of new owners.

2023 Nationals – to be held in Cronulla in January 2023, Steve Wright to finalise details with CSC and advise.

Worlds – The 2022 Worlds are being held in Corpus Christi this year. There appears to be no interest in attending, but invitation to attend letters will be sent out to the first 6 placegetters.

The 2023 Worlds are to be held in Thessaloniki in Greece in September 1-9, 2023. There appears to be quite a lot of interest in going to these. The 2023 Nationals will be the qualifying regatta for these worlds.

General Items

Hugo brought up the subject of electronics allowed on board – further research to what is allowed is to be done by Hugo.

Geelong Regatta – not really a national matter but covered briefly – interest to go from 6 boats – (no one is attending now due to the RGYC not being able to put on a J Division)

Simon Grain requested recognition for the work that Peter Stevens does with measurement certificates, record keeping and class history. Appreciation given in the usual manner.


Meeting closed at 9.15am