2020 AGM & Report



TIME:                    8:00am Saturday  4th January 2020
VENUE:                Middle Harbour Yacht Club

President’s report
Treasurers Report
Proposed New Committee for 2020

  • President Ron Thomson
  • Vice President Hugo Ottaway
  • Publicity Simon Grain
  • SSF Representative Steve Wright
  • Syd Harbour Representative Arthur Crothers

General Business

  • Keel Bolts
  • Mike Ingram possible visit
  • New boats from Argentina
  • Measurement standards
  • IJCA fees are going up

Insufficient attendance at AGM for a quorum.
National meeting in March 2020 agreed to continue with existing committee and publish reports on website for comments



Here we are at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, the home of sailing on the North Shore of Sydney Harbour.  We have heard many stories about the smoke haze over Sydney but it is pleasing to see this has now cleared.  Appreciate the timing of this year’s Nationals is tight to New Year but it is during the vacation period for most businesses allowing participants not to cut into their annual leave entitlements.  Next year the timing will be significantly better extending to the following weekend after New Year which allows the Hobart sailors the opportunity to attend.

In summery the highlights of 2019 have been:

  • We have a first time National Champion, Brendon Lee from SYC, who will be out to defend his title this year. Congratulation Brendon and hopefully your new boat is as good as your previous one.
  • Brendon backed up the Nationals title to win the Victorian Championships showing it was no fluke in Adelaide beating a very strong fleet in Melbourne
  • Some fellow fluked the Cronulla short course regatta beating a fleet of 10 boats in balmy conditions off Cronulla Beach.
  • Sean Kirkjan showed his skills by winning again in Gosford and giving yours truly a sailing lesson
  • Well the NSW Championships ended in protest and counter protest with Steve Wright winning the title for the first time. Congratulation Steve.

It is pleasing to note Australia was again represented in the J24 Worlds in Miami with three boats.  The Australian definitely made an IMPACT in a literal sense but were all well beaten in brutal conditions.

I attended the J24 World Council whilst in Miami, only because it was an air conditioned room.  A couple of key points were discussed which I wish to bring to your attention.

  • The issue of lifting straps and keel bolts is causing concern due to the mishap with Jack’s boat. The class is 45 years old and some of the boats are showing their age.  It is important to bring your attention to reviewing your keel boats to ensure they have not been compromised by water damage.  Also lifting straps should be replaced every few years.  There is an article on the J24 website showing how you should check your keel bolts and I urge everyone to conduct a review this year.
  • In Miami, I met with Mike Ingram, an outstanding J24 sailor having been in the case many years. I am keen on upskilling the J24 fleet and thought the best approach would be to have someone like Mike come and visit us and provide two days training, one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.  Mike, who works for North Sails, is involved in training the USA Paralympic team and for many other classes.  I am told Mike is a better teacher than a skipper which is hard to imagine considering his results.  What do people think?  I am thinking the National Body will pick up his airfares and the State Association will pay his teaching costs, which he says will be substantially discounted.
  • The 2020 Worlds will be held in Poole UK and those wishing to find out details can speak to Lorna Graham, who is on the organising Committee. In 2021, the World will be held in Argentina and I wish to discuss a potential opportunity to acquire new boats for Australia.  There is a J24 boat builder in Argentina and there is an opportunity for a couple of new boats being built for this event.  These boats would be leased out for the Championships, probably to the Americans.  There is a possibility for these boats to be made available to Australia less the leasing fee.  Not sure as to the costs as yet but would people be interested if we can keep the cost below $40K?  I am told the Argentina boats are just as fast as the Italians.
  • It is recognised that overall the J24 class measurements are old and probably need to be renewed. The International body wants to upgrade all measurement certificates and I am keen for Australia to be at the forefront of this project.  I have spoken to Hugo Ottaway and we will be reviewing our records with a view to bring them up to date.
  • The International fees will be going up next year and with the current exchange rate we may have to charge a little more for the first time in 10 years. I will let you know about the details when they become available.

We are looking to hold next year’s Nationals in Melbourne at Sandringham Yacht Club.  Keep an eye out on the website for details.

I wish to thank the current committee for their help and assistance during the year