2018 Monjon J24 Nationals – Day Two

It’s Melbourne and as always it is never like this, but friends is was, today’s weather was an even better re-run of Day One, warm sunny and with 7-12 knot southerly breezes and flat water, the stay at homers will be wishing they weren’t.  A little point to note from John Neville’s briefing – he/she who wins the first race of the day commits them and their crew to cooking tonight’s BBQ at the Ken King Centre.

Yesterday’s problems are all fixed, ‘Sidetracked’ has new lower shrouds, ‘Sanguine’ has it’s bow fixed and ‘Baile De Luna’ has been replaced with ‘Scrumpy’, thanks to our very generous Leigh MacLeod.

So it was in Race 5 today that Brendan Lee put his hand up to cook the BBQ with a good win from Steve Wright in ‘Tinto’ and John Neville in ‘Vice Versa’.

Race Six and Sandy’s ex President, Newsletter Editor in Chief, resident Scotsman and all round keenest skipper, yelled ‘Och aye the noo’, freely translated this means ‘just now I won me first Nationals race’ and let me tell you folks if it wasn’t for being a Scotsman the credit card would be out and the bar shouted, of course being a Scotsman that didn’t happen but the beaming face is genuine (you can’t take credit for the free drinks at the BBQ Doug). Well done Doug !  In a race of upsets Jeanette Syme in ‘Wildfire’ had a well deserved second and Warren Campbell screamed into third. Wow !

Doug MacGregor, First time Nationals race winner – go Doug !

An amazing thing so far is that no boat is a stand out, every boat in the top half of the fleet has had a shocker and with only one drop in this 12 race series, some of these are going to count. Consistancy is the key.

Speaking of that. Brendan Lee has now had two wins and a few shockers – here is one of them, ouch!

But it could be any one of us trying just a bit too hard. Brendan spent the race outside the course looking at this very same video immediately placed on the Vic J24 FB site by the amazing Craig Wiley on the start boat. I’m told he looked at it over 20 times just to make sure. What I haven’t told you is that we are all under ‘U’ flag in this start. Bye Bye !

Race Seven and ‘Mr J24’ Hugo Ottaway sailed away from the fleet – and John Neville in second to lead around every mark, Dave West in ‘Kaotic’ took third in a long battle from Simon Grain in ‘Jet’.

In the almost as important Thommo Cup Jeanette is creaming Ron by 4 points. Jack Fullerton, Sandy’s ‘replaced with new’ man is finally putting it together with a solid 10th place – nice shirts too Jack. Dave McKay from the South Sydney Fleet  is back in 11th, but here and sailing, he tells me he left Sydney with just one crew and put the rest together on the drive down, well done Dave, by the way has he told you he was World Moth Champion and Australian Sailor of the Year in 1969 – buy him two beers and he will tell you about it ! We love you in the class Magoo !

So you would think that Hugo would be looking pretting good at the end of Day Two and he is, but not quite as good as John Neville, sitting just one point above him on 23 points, Dave West is third on 25 points and Simon Grain is fourth on 29 points, clearly the results are close and with 5 races still to go the result is far from settled.

Well how does it all look, lets ask Brendan,

I think the face says it all – “I just had a win and an OCS, what a ******* day’.
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Doesn’t Maddie look much better on this glorious day !


Importantly to our class’ success a significant percentage of our crew are women

Back in the pack the new members of our Sandy group are finding out what bigger one design fleeet racing is all about, it’s hard racing but it’s fun and we are thrilled you guys have joined us – stick with it, we are better for your participation by far. Robin and Jim Townsend from SA have made the trip over and are as ever ardent supporters of the class and the regatta circuit, next year is your turn and we’ll be there.

For full results go here

That’s all for today folks. Cheers Simon.