2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 7

Kirby has been tasting the pastries and thumbing the keyboard again – smile on her face as she is in paaaarty mood – read on for your calendar of regatta fun.

If you’re tired of popping into the little local Brighton organic cafe to pick up your free-trade chai latte, double shot, extra hot and constantly overhearing the same conversation, “so many Christmas paaaahties daaaaahling – my head might just explode!” – well now you can fire back with, “Oh I knooooooow!

And 2016 – it just doesn’t stop! Paaaahtay, paaaahtay, paaaahtay!!!”

So people, please bring along those overloaded and precious diaries to the registration before the regatta, because we need to know numbers for those fabulous paaahtays please.

Expect to be RSVP’ing for:

– Sunday BBQ – too late, you’ll be there and after the three day fast you went on to make the 400kgs, tipping you won’t need a second invitation to dig in

– Tuesday ‘J’ party (see newsletter 5 for the theme explanation) – actually, again, no RSVP needed. We know you’ll be there – who in their right minds would miss the chance to see Pope Francis (he’s a Jesuit, before all the nit pickers complain about the lack of J…) getting jiggy with J Lo on the dance floor??! And it’s the first of only two regatta nights that are followed by a morning where you can legally tell your skipper to nick off, that you’re hung over and he/she can jolly well go and do whatever pointless task it is themselves!

– Lay Day – we will be asking for ‘an expression of interest’ for this one, coz Huey gets last say on pressing the go button and it will be a DIY ferry-booking to join us for an awesome lunch, so it’s pretty flex. I’ll send around the link to the ferry soon…..

– Presentation Night! Diaries out, pencils away, this one needs ink! We need to let SYC know numbers pretty early for this so that we’re not all fighting over just the one plate of saveloys and party pies. It’s $75 a head and we will be asking for you to put your money down by Monday 4th please, but it will be the most fabulous of the paaaahtays so don’t miss out – it’s also the second night before the morning after where you can tell your skipper to go away and come back when your brain has managed to fit back inside your skull, so it should be a doozie!!

So enjoy all your Christmas and New Year paaaahtays people, consider them practice for the real ones that we’ll be having next year!