2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 4

Battle flags are ready to decorate
Battle flags are ready to decorate

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The 2016 Monjon Security Nationals at Sandringham are almost upon us. Infact the entries close this coming Friday (assuming you don’t want to waste any more money on a late fee) so now is the time to get your entry in – there is no prize for being the last to enter.

Of course the long term forecast is for magic sailing conditions for the week. And it will be party time ashore with the team of Carnival Doug and Partygirl Robyn (assuming she gets back from Thailand or wherever the latest party is being held) letting loose on the trail.

Can you beat The BlackPrince of Sandringham? His crown has slipped a little lately as the ‘Pace’ has gone off the boil. Now’s the time to front with your entry.

Can’t get our boat down here, no problem we have at least two boats looking for skippers and crews and we have some crew looking for spots on boats, so why not put your team together and use one of ours.

Hugo’s great ‘Battle Flag Competition’ is alive with colour with 3 flags already printed up and waiting to go aloft. Now is the time to get your flag design worked out and when you enter your flag will be sent to you so you can paint or print your flag before you come. Flags at the ready …. !

See the pic for the proportions (4m x 1m – less the logo at the top). Those not wishing to demonstrate their creative juices will be given a sponsors flag … you’d rather have your own, wouldn’t you !

Simon’s now world famous ‘Sailor Sunscreen’ – samples given away in the last State Titles, is now on the market and will be available at the regatta too – for those already asking. www.sailorsunscreen.com.au